Maintaining an e-commerce store is no easy task – it requires a lot more attention and TLC than a small website with just standard pages would.

You need to actively maintain inventory levels, check for new orders, update clients on order progress and also deal with online payments. Because of this, Cosmic have put together their 8 top tips for running an e-commerce website.

Ease of Access

It’s imperative that your store is easy to use for shoppers. In the same way a person wants to know where they’re going in a high street shop, your visitors will need to know where the checkout/shopping cart feature is and where to go to pay for their items. If a user can’t find out how to do this, you’ve just lost a sale.

Display these options clearly and concisely with buttons or icons that are easy to spot – header areas are a logical place for these

You can read the full article in Cosmic’s blog here

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